BPO and Call Centers: Key Differences Explained

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Understanding BPO and Call Centers

Many often confuse BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) with call centers, yet they serve distinct functions.

This post aims to demystify the differences, offering clear insights for businesses evaluating outsourcing options.

BPO: Diverse Outsourcing Beyond Calls

  • Offering a Range of Business Services: BPO encompasses outsourcing various business processes to a third-party provider. This includes customer service, accounting, HR, and more, extending far beyond voice communication.
  • Incorporating Multifaceted Communication: Unlike call centers, BPO services extend to numerous communication channels and include extensive back-office operations.

Call Centers: Specializing in Customer Communications

  • Prioritizing Voice Interaction: Call centers specialize in customer communications, mainly through voice calls.
  • Centering on Customer Service and Support: They focus on delivering customer service, support, and telemarketing, positioning them as a subset of broader BPO services.

Operational Scope: Comparing BPO and Call Centers

  • BPO’s Comprehensive Approach: BPOs typically handle a wide array of business functions, dealing with diverse and complex tasks beyond mere customer interaction.
  • Call Centers’ Concentrated Focus: In contrast, call centers concentrate on customer communication, limiting their scope to this primary function.

Strategic Impact: Divergent Roles of BPO and Call Centers

  • BPO as a Strategic Business Partner: BPOs often significantly contribute to a company’s strategic operations, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness across various departments.
  • Call Centers’ Dedication to Customer Experience: Call centers, focusing more on immediate customer service goals, prioritize customer experience and efficient communication.

Technology and Training: Customized for Specific Needs

  • BPO’s Varied Technological Requirements: BPOs require diverse technologies and training programs to address different business functions.
  • Call Centers’ Focused Skill Development: Conversely, call center agents receive training in specific customer service software and communication skills, reflecting their specialized nature.


Making an Informed Outsourcing Decision

Recognizing the differences between BPO and call centers is vital for businesses considering outsourcing.

BPOs offer a wide range of services and integrate into a company’s broader operations, while call centers focus on direct customer communication and service.

Depending on your specific business needs, choosing between a BPO and a call center can have a significant impact on your operational efficiency.

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