Unified Queue Management for Voice, Chat and Email

Q-Suite ACD unifies queue management by providing skills based routing with priority for all queues irrespective of the media. The call queues and the other media (Chat, E-Mail, Web Leads) queues can all be routed through a unified routing plan controlled by skills, skill Levels and queue prioritization.

Skills are assigned to queues and skills with skill levels are assigned to agents. Queues also have priority. Agents are automatically logged into all the queues for which they have appropriate skills. When calls (Voice or other media type like E-Mail, Chat) are waiting in the queues, agents handle the higher priority queue first. Given the priority being equal, they handle based on skill level and wait time.

A Web Services API allows external feeds to route and queue an incoming event to the ACD. This API parameters provide information to the ACD to Queue the media event in the appropriate Queue and apply skills based routing. This provides control over routing options and access to multiple agents and skill sets. This same API can be used to manage Web leads and route them to an appropriate queue for agents to callback. You can also pass unique parameters from the external feed to identify and open an appropriate page within a Web based CRM. This is a common application to translate Web Leads into outbound calls. Existing Web, Chat and E-Mail applications can be integrated into the Agent Web Screen by setting up the Script Builder to open the web enabled application through URL parameters.