Speech Recognition for IVR

Q-Suite allows you to incorporate keyword driven Speech Recognition as well as AMD or Voicemail Beep tone recognition within your IVR (inbound or outbound) using the GUI tool-sets available within the contact center software. Speech recognition for Asterisk based Call CentersThe Dialplan Builder within Q-Suite is a powerful drag and drop GUI tool to setup call-flow, call routing and call control using a WYSIWYG editor that takes the mystery out of building formidable IVR applications. It provides access to Asterisk Dialplan functions as well as Q-Suite ACD functions.

The Speech Recognition and Voicemail Beep Tone detection capabilities are made available as Dialplan functions through the implementation of Asterisk Speech Recognition API using UniMRCP, a standards-based connector. This connector makes available, powerful speech recognition functionality provided by well established Speech recognition Engines. Call Centers can bring innovative IVR and powerful Speech Recognition Engines to provide better customer experience.