Contact Center Solutions

Q-Suite Enterprise

Q-Suite Enterprise contact center suite is an advanced out-of-the-box  ACD and Dialer software with feature-sets meant to satisify the requirements of most enterprises. It offers the required scaling and redundancy necessary to build out a sophisticated, cost-effective Asterisk based contact centers. This platform with advanced ACD and Dialer will offer all the next generation features for a multi-channel IP enabled contact center. It comes with an elaborate API and has built-in tools for integrating your data and CRM seamlessly. It also comes with a complete PBX Interface based Asterisk.

ACD for Asterisk based contact centers

Q-Suite for Cloud

Q-Suite, multi-tenant contact center software for Asterisk, with its advanced out-of-the-box feature-sets offers the required scaling and redundancy necessary to build out sophisticated, cost-effective Asterisk based Cloud contact centers. Cloud setup is available for Enterprises as well as Service providers wanting to setup multi-tenant, multi-server installations. The availability of IHostPBX a multi-tenant, multi-server PBX within Q-Suite along with the Advanced ACD and Dialer makes it an ideal platform for Cloud deployment.

Q-Suite SDK (CTI Library)

If you are looking to build or integrate your vertical application into Asterisk and are looking for a Mid-tier Call Controller and ACD, look no further than Q-Suite SDK with its exhaustive CTI Library for Integration. Asterisk represents the next generation telephony platform and Q-Suite ACD with its CTI libraries allow you to incorporate advanced IP enabled Call Center capabilities. Available in .NET and Socket interface, this library for Asterisk CTI Integration can provide you with the most advanced Contact Center ACD capabilities.