Predictive Dialing for Asterisk based call centers

Q-Suite offers an efficient, robust, self-pacing algorithm for predictive dialing that increases agent productivity and talk time. However, Q-Suite offers much more than a traditional “out-of-the-box” predictive dialer.  This advanced predictive dialing system is an integrated environment within Q-Suite for call centers wanting to deploy Asterisk. It is in fact a full featured system that empowers you to create sophisticated scripts, schedule and manage call backs, record and listen to live calls, manage leads and terminations, and automate lead management with other back-end systems.  It simplifies Campaign, Lead and Agent management with detailed real-time dashboards and historical reporting.

Q-Suite integrates agent scripts with lead management and predictive dialing to provide a seamless experience for agent customer interaction. All custom lead information can be inserted into scripts inline from its powerful Script Builder. The lead extraction capability and the web services API allow full control over the information collected by the agent. Asterisk driven call centers around the world are using Q-Suite's Predictive Dialer to increase productivity and efficiency of outbound customer contacts.