High Availability SIP Proxy with Overseer Watchdog for Larger Contact Center Installations

Q-Suite prides itself as a full feature, out-of-the-box contact center ACD for large Asterisk based installations. It is designed from ground up to scale to multiple Asterisk servers seamlessly, HA SIP proxyto handle large concurrent call volumes. It also offers network based call recording with integration to Orecx to further off-load voice recording from Asterisk servers. With mulitple Asterisk media (Voice) servers, this call center ACD is designed for large contact centers. High Availability SIP proxy (HASIPP) and Overseer Watchdog system are two of the critical components within Q-Suite that provide HA and load balancing within Q-Suite.

HASIPP is a SIP proxy with load balancing capability. A High Availability setup consists of Active and Standby HASIPP pair and can failover seamlessly. This failover is initiated by the built-in Overseer Watchdog system, which monitors for possible call disruption and triggers seamless fail-over within the High Availability setup.

Very large call centers setup with legacy systems and looking to move to Asterisk, can take advantage of Q-Suite's Call Center ACD with HASIPP and Overseer Watchdog to install a powerful, feature-rich, cost effective next generation contact center technology platform.