Business Intelligence driven Outbound Dialing

Outbound dialing has evolved over the last decade. Availability of Dialers with Predictive dialing capability has put mass dialing within the reach of contact centers, resulting in better lead penetration. Business Intelligence driven DialerThe effectiveness of an outbound campaign is determined not only by lead penetration but also the success rate of closing a transaction. As a result, there is increasing demand for greater sophistication in dialing and contact handling strategies with greater emphasis on Business Intelligence.

In conjunction with general lead performance metrics, domain based Business Intelligence is being increasingly used to group leads. Leads thus classified, may require different strategies for dialing and customer contact. Conventional Dialers offering Predictive, Preview and Progressive dialing which are effective in dialing, may fall short in their inability to connect the contacted lead to the most optimal agent. To make effective use of business intelligence, any Call Center Software capable of offering Preview, Progressive and Predictive Dialing modes should also offer,

  • The ability to setup different types of outbound calling like campaign, campaign groups and list driven queues
  • Associate agents to any or all of the three types
  • The ability to insert live leads to the the very top or the bottom of an active calling list
  • Dial leads and connect calls to the optimal agent without delay

Typically a campaign within a call center software is an association of lists, agents, script and dialing mode. Good Dialers can offer concurrent dialing modes within a campaign. Predictive Dialing has to comply with Dialing regulations. Campaign groups allow multiple campaigns to be associated with an agent especially for Preview and Progressive dialing. List driven queues allow implementation of Skills based routing for outbound where the optimal agent is presented with the connected call for a List.

Q-Suite comes with powerful campaign management that allows predictive, preview and progressive dialing driven by Lists that can effectively be managed using its List management tools. The Web API allows Business Intelligence to drive Live Leads for immediate dialing. For each dialing list, it allows skills based routing of the connected call to the most optimal available agent from the groups of agents associated with the list.