Visual Call Flow Builder for Q-Suite 5.7

Visual Call Flow Builder for Q-Suite 5.7 is a further enhancement to our current Visual Dialplan Builder. Visual Call Flow and Dialplan BuilderIt is an intuitive visual IVR Builder with graphical icons and, drag and drop capability to construct visual routing. The extensive Q-Suite ACD commands as wells as Asterisk commands are represented by graphical icons within this drag and drop frame-work allowing them to grow both horizontally and vertically. It can also branch to other Call Flows or Dialplans providing extensive flexibility in building any IVR application. With this tool, Contact Centers using Q-Suite can build with ease, sophisticated IVR and call routing to fulfill the most demanding IVR call flow requirements of their customers.

Visual Call Flow Builder unleashes the complete functionality of Q-Suite ACD and the underlying Asterisk PBX by providing a powerful visual modeling tool. Custom colored graphical icons represent the different IVR and call routing functions available within the contact center platform. A “double click” action on the icon opens a dialog box guiding the user to build Call Flow actions and Dialpan functions. The Visual Builder offers a natural, intuitive, graphical modelling tool to create and deploy powerful IVR and Dialplan applications within Q-Suite.