Skills-based Routing and Queue Prioritization

Skills-based Routing within the Contact Center ACD provides an efficient mechanism for routing an individual's call to the most appropriate representative available at that time. Q-Suite offers the ability to setup multACD skills based routingiple queues, with each queue requiring one or more skills to handle calls in the queue. Employee agents are assigned skills with a skill level indicating the degree of expertise. When an employee logs into the ACD, they are automatically logged into all of the queues for which they have the required skills. Queue prioritization is another scale to identify and prioritize queues. Two queues requring the same skills to handle calls could have different queue priority.

With a multi-queue, multi-agent setup, Q-Suite offers advanced Skills-based Routing with Queue Prioritization for inbound services, optimizing Agent Scheduling and Customer Routing using its sophisticated ACD. Q-Suite extends it Skills-based Routing to Web driven lead generation methods and other non-call customer interaction like E-Mail and Chat through Web API interfaces. 

There are two typical scenarios within a contact center. When customer contacts are queued up waiting for a representative, the Agent Scheduling will determine the queued call/customer that will be handled by an available agent. If multiple agents are available, Customer Routing determines the agent to whom an incoming call/customer will be routed. An advanced ACD with Skills-based Routing will provide the required flexibilty to handle calls with efficiency while meeting service level objectives with a minimum amount of abandoned calls. Q-Suite goes a step further, where the ACD provides the ability to reach out to the abandoned calls either by preserving the customer's place in the Queue or moving it to a different priority Queue.