Phone Login for Mobile Agents

An agent interface within a call center software has become an essential requirement for contact center employees to handle customer interactions. This interface includes elements like an Agent-Customer Interaction Script, Customer Detail Pop-up, Session Control and Wrap-up call dispositions. This improves contact center efficiency, customer satisfaction and the ability to generate detailed reports of the agent-customer interaction. This requirement to login to a computer and manage all of the agent-customer interactions is essential for remote and at-home agents. All incoming calls are handled by the ACD and are distributed, based on Skills-based Routing and Queue Prioritization, to the most suitable available employee agent. 

There are occasions where a contact center would want someone to be able to login to the ACD as an employee agent without having access to a computer. This is especially true for mobile agents who are accessible by phone, but are unable to be near a computer and may not be tied down to a physical location. This feature within Q-Suite will allow mobile agents to login through their phones and dynamically join their assigned queues, with the ability to answer calls based on skills-based routing rules.

Contact Center operators can deal with peak or off-hours calling periods with staffing plans that allow for the induction of mobile employees logging into the ACD. Skills assignment and associated Skill level will associate queues to the mobile agent and Skills-based Routing with Queue Prioritization will drive the call distribution. The Mobile agent can login and logout using the DTMF phone keys. This enhanced call center software feature available within Q-Suite provides additional flexibility for managers of Asterisk based contact centers.