Overseer Watchdog for Q-Suite

High Availability (HA) Redundancy setup is a sub-set of the Fault tolerant Call Survival Architecture for Q-Suite. high availabilityThe Overseer Watchdog System within the Call Survival Architecture of Q-Suite 5.7 is an elaborate software mechanism to monitor and watch the sanity of all servers and services running under a Q-Suite deployment. The Overseer Watchdog mechanism within the Call Survival Architecture provides a High Availability option to Fail-over to the redundant servers and services. Upon detecting a failure or fault, it initiates the process of Fail-over to the redundant server or services.

The Watchdog built into the Overseer-Watchdog software runs on every server and determines the sanity and well being of all services under its watch within the server. The Overseer Watchdog system automates the process of identifying a fault in a Q-Suite based deployment and initiate fail-over to the redundant service. Collectively the Overseer-Watchdogs have a designated Main and Standby coordinating and controlling the Overseer-Watchdog system. This elaborate mechanism ensure the sanity of the Overseer.