CTI for Verticals

If you are looking to migrate your vertical application to an IP based telephony platform and require Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Q-Suite for Asterisk presents an ideal platform with the necessary tools and interfaces. Its feature-rich ACD engine will complement Asterisk, the underlying next generation telephone switch, to provide a powerful contact center platform to fulfill your CTI requirements. Q-Suite comes with well developed libraries and API with CTI interface to its sophisticated ACD and Dialer software and management tools.

The .NET and XML libraries provide the necessary CTI interface to incorporate an Asterisk based Contact Center ACD into your vertical. You can also leverage the Web services API available for tighter integration into the admin management of Q-Suite. The Web Services API provide the ability to build and deploy tightly integrated systems. It provides the flexibility to retain existing or create new look and feel for the combined product or solution.

The API for Q-Suite CTI library will allow you to build special agent/operator consoles with call control and call management with an overall queue and floor level view. Together with Asterisk, Q-Suite provides a advanced, flexible and sophisticated IP based platform for contact center ACD.