ACD Queue Service Level Management

Q-Suite ACD offers skills based routing with Queue prioritization. Queues have an assigned priority and associated Skills. Employee agents are be offered calls from all the queues for which they have appropriate skills. Calls in high priority queues are handled ahead of the low priority queues. An agent with a higher Skill level gets calls ahead of other waiting agents. When all things are equal, the wait time is the determining factor for distribution.  

There are key features available within Q-Suite's advanced ACD queues to manage service levels. Every queue has a set wait time after which you can move calls out of the queue. This could be to an escalation queue setup with supervisors and other staff members logged in to handle the overflow calls. Also, for each queue, you can set a upper limit on the total number of calls that can wait. Calls over this upper limit, can be re-routed for quicker handling.

It is also possible to callback abandoned calls by either retaining them in the queue or moving them to another queue with a different priority. You can also setup periodic queue messages to encourage callers to abandon the call and wait for a callback. The callback back can either be the callerID or a new number collected through caller input. The queue periodic messages can be combined with other periodic queue messages to the waiting callers in the queue.

Sophisticated queue overflow management within the Call Center ACD is vital to providing better customer experience cost effectively. This along with queue periodic messages and the ability to callback abandoned calls are some of the many standard out-of-the-box ACD queue features available with Q-Suite for setting Asterisk based contact centers.